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Vex 3 is an excellent platformer that was created by AmazingAdam4 (Microwave Games) and published by Kizi game. This is the third installment in the series game Vex and rated as the most challenge game in this series. It is a real challenge game that consists of 10 standard stages and an additional 9 extremely hard challenge stages. In addition, it offers up to 10 hidden stars and various trophies for players to collect. In this game, players continue to control their black stickman and try to overcome all the challenge, pass through all the acts, and be alive until the end of the game.

With addictive gameplay, more deadly challenges, and enhanced mechanics, Vex 3 is really a great game to play and enjoy.

In order to learn more detail about this game, let's move to the next sections below!


Similar to its previous games (Vex 1 and Vex 2), in this game, your main mission is to control your black stickman and overcome all the obstacles on your way. As I mentioned above, in this game, there are a total of 10 extremely challenging standard stages that are usually called acts for you to conquer. And of course, in each stage is full of traps, obstacles and deadly challenge that can make you die immediately if not careful. However, a bit different from two previous games, in this installment, the challenge and obstacles are much more difficult. Moreover, this game also offers the feature - ranking depending on time. In detail, depending on the time that you spend to complete an act, this game will rank you with 3 different degrees including Gold, Silver, and Bronze. However, this feature is only active when you can complete the act without any dead.


Obstacles make Vex games become so challenge and in this third installment, you also encounter tons of deadly obstacles. These obstacles are usually red and can kill your stickman just by a small touch. In addition to the obstacles that appear in previous games like spike, Spinning Fan, Surprise Spike,etc , there are a few types of new obstacles in this game and they are:

  • Classic Laser: This laser can shoot projectiles at the player.
  • Growing Saw: Expands and contracts
  • Scythe: They spin anticlockwise and kill your stickman when touching.
  • Quadrant: Four shurikens rotate around a point.


Blocks are also the thing that you will see lots in this game. They come in various colors and each of them has its own unique ability.

  • Block (Grey): This is a common block and it has no special ability.
  • Falling block (Purple): This block is very weak and it will fall down when you stand on it. But you can use them when needing a fulcrum.
  • Bounce block (Orange): This is a special and powerful block in this game. Its ability is to launches players skyward when they land on it. You can use this block when needing to jump extremely high.
  • Up Block (Red): When moving on this block, you will move slowly vertically and start upwards.
  • Down block (Blue): Opposite with the up block, this one allows you to move slowly horizontally.
  • Horizontal Block (Green): The special ability of this block is that it allows you to move slowly horizontally.
  • Ice block (light blue): This block has slippery surfaces and allows you to melts slowly on it.
  • Push Block (Brown): You can push this block left or right. It is very useful when you need a platform to jump very high.
  • Zoom Block (teal): This block is able to accelerate your speed dramatically when standing on it.
  • Wired Block (Motherboard): This is a new block and first appears in this game. It is described as a deadly spark moves around the edge.


Trophies are also an interesting feature in this game. The fact that it replaces the Achievement system in previous games. In this trophies system, there are 4 main sections including Acts, Hardcode, Awesome stuff, and Completion and all of them consist of 39 goals for players to collect.

Acts section: This is the trophy that you will receive when completing a certain act to any ranking.

Hardcode: This section contains 19 different trophies and you will receive all of them if you are able to complete the challenge acts and find out the hidden stars. In detail, you will receive the Mine!, Thanks Box!, It's the Climb!, Between a Saw, Leap of Faith, Keychain, Take a Plunge, Lights out!, Outside the Box, and Inside the Box if grab the hidden star on the act from 1-9 and on the Vexation.

In addition, you will be able to receive the trophies One Step At A Time, Double Down, Fantastic Four, High Five, Demon, You're Lucky, Eight Times Champ, and Nine Lives if you can complete a challenge mode for Act from 1 - 9.

Awesome stuff: There are six trophies in this section and you only can get them if you are able to perform hard and tricky feat. In detail, you will get Perfect! if you can complete any Act with Perfect ranking; you'll get the Caretaker trophy if you can hold 4 keys at one time; you'll get Gasping trophy if you are able to surface from swimming with one bubble left; you'll get a Time Flies version 2.0 if you can play this game for over one hour; get heads up if you can get crushed by a pushable block; and you will receive the Death Tycoon (lol) when getting over 100 total deaths.

Completion: You will receive the rest four trophies in this section when having a round-up of the other categories. In detail, you'll get the Olympian when achieving Gold or better on every Act; you'll get Perfectionist when achieving perfect on every Act; you'll get Astronomer trophy when collecting all the stars in this game; and finally, you will get the Winner when completing all Act in Challenge Mode.

How to play

  • Use the left and right arrow keys to move left or right.
  • Use the up arrow key to jump.
  • Use the down arrow key to slide when running.
  • When standing on the acting block, press the down arrow key to move to the new Act.

Tips and tricks

  • The checkpoint will save your process in this game. When you die, you can continue the game from the nearest checkpoint.
  • You can custom this game when playing such as turn the sounds on or off; pause, resume, and restart; or custom the graphics' quality of this game.
  • Do following the instructions of the game to beat all challenges.
  • Stand still will allow you to drag and see the surround scenes.
  • Watch our walkthrough video below to know how to overcome your obstacles.

Note: There is a mobile version for this game, so, you can download this game on your phone and enjoy it offline. Vex 3 mobile version for Android and iOS here.

Vex 3 unblocked game

With addictive and challenging gameplay, we can't deny that Vex 3 is really an excellent game to play and enjoy. This game received lots of positive comment from both experts and gamers. It's always a top rated game and one of the most played games on almost gaming sites.

The fact that lots of people want to enjoy this game even when they are at school or workplace. They want to play it anytime when they are free and they need an unblocked version for this game. For this reason, we have created and offered users Vex 3 unblocked game.

With this special version, you can access our site and enjoy this interesting game anytime and anywhere you want. It is offered for free and you don't have to pay any charge to play this game.

Now, don't waste any moment, let's start the game and enjoy your break time!

Some Frequently Asked Questions.

How to beat act 5, act 6, act 9?

Act 5, act 6, and act 9 are very challenging stages. In order to beat them, let's take advantage of the blocks and obstacles there. Below we have a detailed walkthrough video who to beat all act in this game. You can refer to it.

How to save?

This game saves your process automatically.

How to skip acts?

You can't skip acts in this game.

Vex 3 Walkthrough

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